Dichiarazione di On. Gustavo Selva durante la Giornata Nazionale del Falun Gong in Italia

25 Settembre 2001

Siamo incoraggiati dalla dimostrazione pacifica del Falun Gong. Dovremme sostenerli di più. Sento che il nostro supporto è una responsabilità morale, piuttostoWe feel encouraged by the peaceful demonstrations by Falun Gong. Thus we need to support them more. We feel that our support should be of a moral responsibility, rather than simply a political one. We believe that your belief, freedom and respect for civilisation will win. We should avoid letting business be the only link between nations and their peoples. Instead, first of all we should all show respect to ...We should create a society within which individual beliefs and freedom are respected. In the end I would like to emphasize that I will continue supporting the battle to win the freedom of speech and beliefs.

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